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random stuff part...

i just had to post this.

i haven't been checking out kylie's new album, but when i clicked on this video i was immediately hooked!

go go go go-o-o-o-oh!

in other news, my sister-in-law gave birth by c-section last april to her my brother's 3rd son. his name is max. and he's really cute. ^_^

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in place of

so it's lent and as stated in my previous post, i sacrificed some stuff. in giving up kpop (sort of) and twitter, i managed to give myself a lot of free time. okay more like i have nothing else to preoccupy myself with (kpop is so time consuming and twitter is almost a reflex). and so i ended up reading stuff i subscribed to (another, dazed, spin) and went back to sites i used to read regularly (slate and nymag). but most of the stuff i read online now are mangas and have started to read summaries of past x-men titles from uncanny x-men.

the following mangas are what i regularly read (in no particular order):

naruto - one of the reasons i like this manga is because i watched the first episode of the anime and i really liked it. i like their powers. i mean who doesn't like fighting ninjas? their stories are pretty good too. i can't remember when i started reading the manga, but it was after a long time of not watching the anime. i was kinda updated on what was happening in the main storyline, but only really got into it again when i started the manga a few years after watching the anime. anyway, naruto is like every manga, but it progresses really well until the current arc that is. i feel like they've prolonged it so much and there's so much focus on a character (obito) that i don't care about. i really hope it ends soon. funnily enough, i don't watch the anime anymore. i'd much rather read the mangas than watch the animated version (so much kinder to my bandwidth too).

bleach - same with naruto, i watched the first episode of the anime and got hooked. this time it's about a shinigami (death god? cbb to google) and once again, i liked their powers. the story is pretty typical manga too. but the variation in the powers/power sets is what i liked about it (just like naruto). when i first got into this, i think i liked it too because of the art. ichigo looked cute. haha! but bleach has really gone stagnant. they used to have like a few pages in one issue with barely anything happening in it. like the mangaka doesn't know what to do with the story. i hope it ends soon, though. it's got my full interest back again with its recent issues, but still i think it's time to end this manga.

fairy tale - i've never watched an episode of the anime version of this manga. i never read the start of this manga, but when i saw the art, it reminded me of an anime i used to watch (i can't remember the title of the anime anymore). i think it's from the same mangaka. they had a similar character (this snowman like creature). anyway, i probably got bored one day so i decided to look for a manga to read. and i'm glad i gave this a try. i really like this manga. i always look forward to the next issue after reading the current issue.

one piece - i think this the manga fighting for the top spot in my list of mangas i like the most (fairy tale is the other manga). i really like the art in one piece. it's so detailed and everything looks so nice. the style is so unique that you immediately know it's one piece. also the arcs are really good. i think this is one manga that almost made me teary eyed.

here are other mangas i read. i don't feel like discussing them like the other 4 mostly because i haven't been reading them for as long as i've read the the four above. hehe!

attack on titan* - haven't watched the manga, but this was really good before things got a bit too convoluted.
claymore - i like mangas/animes with strong female characters. and there's a whole bunch of them in here.
toriko* - art is kinda not that great. but it has homoerotic vibes, so i stick with it. plus it's about food. writing is a bit eh, but i find it enjoyable.
magi labyrinth of magic* - i like the art (it's homoerotic as a manga would be). the story is about war and international relations and all that jazz. interesting power sets.
magi sinbad no bouken - this is an offshoot of magi. it's a prequel as sinbad is one of the characters in magi. this is origin story. same art.
ubel blatt* - i like the art here, too. and i like the story of the main character.
area d - i like the art. the story is a bit meh, but not unreadable.

* i had a lot of free time then and backtracked from the very first issue. the rest including the 4 above, i haven't bothered backtracking.

attack on titan, claymore and ubel blatt is released monthly. usually at the start of the month. the rest are weeklies, but sometimes they go on hiatus. most of the new scanlations come out on wednesdays except for magi and sinbad which comes out on tuesdays, and fairy tale which comes out on fridays (i think).

i actually read most of the mangas here in mangastream, but they only store the 5 (i think. too lazy to check) latest issues. i read magi and sinbad in mangafox or mangahere.

i have to edit this post later to add links to the other titles. none of the sites where i read them are loading for me right now. and i'd leave this as a draft, but i almost thought elchay deleted this post when it didn't load.
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it's been a while since i last used this for blogging. and really the only reason i'm blogging right now cause i can't use twitter. as my lenten sacrifice this year, i'm giving up using twitter. and to add to the suffering of not being able to tweet every single thought i deem tweetable, i won't be checking up on my usual kpop news. so no exo for me for 40 days. i don't really know what prompted me to do that, but it seemed like the right thing to do, since i spend so much of my time poring over articles in omonatheydidn't and exochocolate.

giving up twitter for lent is harder than i expected. it seems like i've relied on that social networking site so much these past few years that it's gotten ridiculous how much i rely on it. it's like everything i do needs to end up being tweeted. even just sitting around doing nothing feels like a tweetable moment. while i watch something on tv, my first reaction is to tweet about it. why has twitter gotten so pervasive in my life? and after lent, will i be able to rid myself of this need to constantly tweet what i'm doing? i can answer that now and say no. i like twitter so much that i'm pretty sure i'll get up to my usual shenanigans once i get back to kpop. and as for the first question, i'd rather not think about it at this time (it's almost 4am).

so anyway, it's a struggle giving up twitter and kpop at the same time. but i think it could be done. twitter more than kpop, though. i sure do miss my xiuhan. hahaha! but in any case, i'm going to do my best to stick with this. it's a personal challenge to say the least. and it's always good not to be controlled by something in one's life (in this case twitter and kpop).

anyway, here's a (badly made) gif of me waving. hihellobye! ^_^

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new year's resolutions

so this year i made a new year's resolution to read at least one book a month. last year, i didn't read much books and i thought it's a good idea to have this resolution. it's almost the end of february and i still haven't read a single book in its entirety.

it's not like i don't have time to read a book (my previous reason for not reading a book). i actually have a lot of time for it. i could say i don't have new books to read, but that would be a lie. and besides, i can reread books i've read. so what's really stopping me from doing what i set out to do at the start of the year? i guess it's mostly laziness. or the fact that i'm on the internet most of the time. and i should probably finish some of the books that i've started in the previous months (year?) that i haven't finished. and maybe i should take this new year's resolution more seriously.

i have another new year's resolution. this one came up a few days after the new year. i'm not really sure why i decided to have this as a new year's resolution, but i guess i thought it was the mature thing to do. and i could probably expand my vocabulary in the process. there are better words to describe how things are and i don't have to use that word over and over. that word by the by is bitch.

i've used bitch so many times in so many occasions that it shouldn't be a big deal. and so many people use it anyway, so why stop now? i've just realized after reading some thoughtful comments on the use of the word, that it's something really sexist. it just felt wrong using it to describe every bad thing/person/situation that i encounter. it's a gender specific and it seems like i'm putting down females when i use it. and i've actually gotten uncomfortable when i hear someone use it a lot.

i've really become more conscious of how i use the word bitch. actually, as much as possible, if i'm not referring to a female dog, i'm not going to use it. i've been pretty successful at not using it. although, there are times that it's the first word that comes to mind when i want to say something mean. but i guess, my resolve for this is stronger than i thought. and hopefully, i completely get it out of my system. (i'm still a mean person, though. but that's something i have to work on harder.)

i have two new year's resolution this year, and so far, i'm only doing a good job at one of them. i actually didn't think i'd have a harder time reading at least one book a month compared to not using the word bitch every chance i can. but it seems like my priorities are different now. i still have to work harder on reading books, but i'm glad that i'm at least succeeding in my other new year's resolution. there's still 10 more months to be better at it, though. so i hope i can keep it up.

and after i post this, i'm going to open a book and read it. hehe!
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kylie minogue - "flower"

can i just say that i almost always tear up when i hear this song. kylie dedicated this song to her unborn child. and every time i listen to this song i think about my niece. and i don't know, i haven't had a song affect me this way. it's hard for me to explain, but i just really get emotional when i hear it. maybe it's a sign of me growing older. haha! well, bring it on.

bianca and i
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dull tool

fiona apple releases a new song as a soundtrack to the film this is 40.

fiona apple - "dull tool"

great as usual.

in other news, i have measles. i guess one really can't be too old for anything. :o\